Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Do you know where all your vehicles are right now? Our system is a dynamic vehicle tracking system designed to deliver the real-time location of every one of your vehicles, every minute of the day while they are driving around the country.


Knowledge is power: Our platform will show you the location of your vehicles based on time, distance, change of direction or a combination of all three. Our vehicle tracking system continuously sends you real-time information, so if you have a new job to assign you can send the right vehicle to the right location at the right time.


Efficiency is revenue: The system has the capability to run historic trails of vehicle movements, it’s very easy to see when and where a vehicle has stopped and started, what routes it has taken, speeding offences, bad driving behaviour and other factors that can affect the economic running of your vehicles. You can even compare routes taken by your drivers with the suggested “most economical” routes.


Control is profit: The platform will assist you on controlling costs. Generating more income is only half the story. Ensuring that vehicles do not waste fuel, overtime claimed is bona-fide and private mileage is measured accurately will have a big impact on bottom line profit.

If you want to increase Knowledge, Efficiency & Control and most importantly maximize your profit, then get in touch with us and let’s talk about your business and how we can work with you to achieve these