Tachograph Remote Download

Tachograph Remote Download


Tachograph data download without stepping out of the office

This is an innovative solution that helps companies acting in the transportation areas to download, analyze and archive the tachograph data. With this, managers can access the tachograph data without stepping out of the office.

  • Helps to obtain fines reduction for potential infringements to the established regulation;
  • Traffic management optimization through a better resource planning by helping to easily identifying drivers availability and resting periods;
  • Compliance with legislation by remote downloading and storage of tachograph official files;
  • Operational efficiency increase through the creation of optimized timesheets and resource allocation.

Alerts for infringements
Companies operating in the transportation segment are aware that the rules associated with driving and rest periods must be respected, otherwise elevated fines might increase the operational costs associated with the company activity. Tachographs register all the driving and rest times, for each vehicle and driver (through drivers ID cards), however this solution does not communicate easily with the companies solutions, meaning that, only after the vehicle return it is possible to analyze if the driver complied with the rules established. With this managers are able to always be in contact with the vehicle on the road. Information is made available through a complete and dynamic dashboard, alert for potential infringements, resting times, are the features that will facilitate management and help companies act before the infringement is committed.



  • Information on the vehicle status and digital tachograph data;
  • Compliance with regulations is facilitated through alerts and constant monitoring of the solution;
  • Reports and graphics: driving hours and resting times remote scheduling (daily, weekly, bi-weekly);
  • Visualization of the infringements committed by each driver.
  • Optimization in vehicles and drivers usage;
  • Data remote download and alerts in case of failure.

Reports Included


Tachograph Dashboard:
visualization of drivers status: driving times, resting periods, time left to drive

Activity Resume:
shows tachograph data for the current week, showing day by day, driving time, km driven and available time: driving and resting periods. Several vehicles can be analyzed simultaneously.

Driver Activity:
shows the activity each driver performed on service for a specific vehicle.

Activity Details:
shows changes registered in the tachograph accordingly with the activity selected.

Km tachograph:
shows the distance travelled by each vehicle between 2 dates.

Driver ID Card Insertion:
shows for the period defined insertions and extractions of the driver card