Fleet Management


Global Royal uses an innovative cloud-based fleet management solution, available through any PC or any internet connected device through a SaaS delivery model (Software as a Service). Based on GPS and GSM technology, is capable of managing, relevant information that helps the planning of company’s fleet activities for the purpose of cost control, increasing profitability and productivity, optimize resources and helping customers a quick return on investment. Our main distinctive features are:

  • Task Management & Navigation
  • Route Planning & Scheduling
  • Driver’s Behaviour Analysis
  • Fuel Level Management

Return on Investment: Our solution provides the best intelligence on a company’s fleet of vehicles which ensure the security and safety maximization, productivity increase, and customer satisfaction. It also focuses on costs reduction by identifying unproductive situations. It also helps you to;

  • Know how much money you spend on your fleet.
  • Keep track of when vehicles need servicing, inspections and all those other jobs that you are responsible for as a Fleet Manager.

For that our fleet management solution provides a set of business reports based on the concept Mobility Intelligence, which refers to the technologies used to gather, provide access to, process and analyze data of company’s mobile resources, that offers support to business management.

Unique Features

  • Vehicle location
  • Anomaly detection between planned and actual
  • Five years of online historical data for all vehicles
  • 20 alarms: gathering, long stop, delay, improper use, dangerous driving, idling, fuel sensor, POI, geofence, etc.
  • 30 different reports that can be generated in PDF, Excel and Word
  • Technical fleet management, cost control and maintenance
  • Special peripherals: mixer sensors, alcohol-meter, Fuel cap sensor, Seat belt sensor, Satellite backup unit

Vehicle Tracking


Do you know where all your vehicles are right now? Our system is a dynamic vehicle tracking system designed to deliver the real-time location of every one of your vehicles, every minute of the day while they are driving around the country.

Knowledge is power: Our platform will show you the location of your vehicles based on time, distance, change of direction or a combination of all three. Our vehicle tracking system continuously sends you real-time information, so if you have a new job to assign you can send the right vehicle to the right location at the right time.

Efficiency is revenue: The system has the capability to run historic trails of vehicle movements, it’s very easy to see when and where a vehicle has stopped and started, what routes it has taken, speeding offences, bad driving behaviour and other factors that can affect the economic running of your vehicles. You can even compare routes taken by your drivers with the suggested “most economical” routes.

Control is profit: The platform will assist you on controlling costs. Generating more income is only half the story. Ensuring that vehicles do not waste fuel, overtime claimed is bona-fide and private mileage is measured accurately will have a big impact on bottom line profit.

If you want to increase Knowledge, Efficiency & Control and most importantly maximize your profit, then get in touch with us and let’s talk about your business and how we can work with you to achieve these

Fuel Management


Fuel theft has always been a problem many companies face, especially in times when crude prices rise. However, these days fuel theft is becoming an austerity trend.

Fuel is one of the most elevated operational costs for companies with fleet of vehicles on the road. Company managers need to be alert and equip themselves with tools to identify and eliminate common situations such has fuel tank cap violation, sudden drops during a trip or during the night, and refilling anomalies.

Global Royal Technologies system has a set of peripherals that help companies to identify fuel theft situations: Xpert, Fuel level sensor and Fuel tank cap sensor.

  • Automatically detect frauds in refilling fuel
  • Identify sudden fuel drops in the tank
  • Receive alerts if the tank cap is opened in unauthorized locations

Connected to the vehicle CanBus, helps the identification of fuel thefts with elevated precision. Variations superior to 5% ares detected by Xpert and identified as an anomaly generating an alarm. Minute by minute Xpert checks the fuel level in the tank and whenever a drop of 5% or more is registered an alarm is generated.

Fuel Level Sensor
Connected to the fuel level already existing in the vehicle helps detects variations. Minute by minute the Fuel Level Sensor checks the fuel level in the tank and whenever a drop of 10% or more is registered an alarm is sent in real time.

Fuel Tank Cap Sensor
Connected to the fuel tank cap helps identifying any situation of openings in unauthorized locations.

Driver Behaviour


Each day more companies are looking into the security conditions on the road, and encouraging the adoption of defensive driving behaviors, which will help them achieve:

  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Driver Behavior Analysis
  • Accidents rate reduction
  • Maintenance costs reduction

Our advanced technology collects information from the vehicle helping the drivers’ behaviour optimization. The solution also helps companies to obtain a reduction of the vehicles maintenance costs through the adoption of a more defensive driving style. Besides helping fuel consumption reduction and maintenance costs reduction companies can also reduce the accidents related with abusive driving styles.

Our Technology takes into account seven (7) indicators in the monitoring of driving styles and behavior. Companies can also implement programs designed to improve the behaviour behind the wheel, and reward the good drivers.

  • Economical driving time
  • Cruise control time
  • High rpm driving time
  • Harsh accelerations
  • Harsh braking
  • Hard cornering
  • Fuel spent in idle

Connected to the vehicle CanBus, helps the identification of fuel thefts with elevated precision. Variations superior to 5% ares detected by Xpert and identified as an anomaly generating an alarm. Minute by minute Xpert checks the fuel level in the tank and whenever a drop of 5% or more is registered an alarm is generated.

Advantages / Features

  • Helps reduce accidents for driver negligence
  • Set safety standards, reward drivers who comply and penalize those who do not.
  • Analyze driving behaviors in different periods
  • Helps reduce the wear and tear of brakes and motor
  • Helps monitor driving styles

Helps to ensure the safety of your field teams!

Route Planning & Scheduling


Global Royal’s Route planning and scheduling provides you with key information to monitor the execution of routes and to anticipate future events, supporting your fleet management decisions.
This is a very powerful tool to create and control routes. You will be able to spot right away any vehicle that is not following its predefined, approved route. You will also know how far a vehicle is from its destination and also estimate its arrival time.


Efficient business planning
Know exactly what you can demand of your fleet by finding the best possible match between plan and execution

Efficient fleet control
Follow route execution and receive a notification if a vehicle deviates from its planned route. Act before it’s too late to correct the situation.

Enhanced customer relations
Inform your customers some few minutes or kilometers before your vehicle gets to the customer’s premises.

Reduced fuel consumption
By planning routes properly, you can expect a reduction in the total mileage and the corresponding decrease in your fuel costs.

Car Theft Prevention & Cargo Safety



Global Royal Immobilizer allows you to block (stop engine) your vehicle in case of theft. This can be applied either through our web interface or the smartphone app.
Once the immobilizer is triggered or activated, trying to turn the engine on again will have no effect until the unblocking code is entered on the web interface or smartphone app.
This helps you to act promptly by blocking stolen vehicles using your mobile phone or any internet connected device. It also saves you money and increase driver safety


A very frustrating situation a company can face is when you discover missing cargo at the point of delivery. Such situation can be very harmful to your company, not only financially, but can also undermine customers’ trust in you.

Global Royal gives you the power to decide who gets in and what gets out of your delivery van or truck.

With this feature, a door sensor is attached to the doors of your delivery truck or van and each time a door is opened or closed, the system detects it and report immediately to the fleet manager or supervisor. An alarm is triggered and notifications sent (by email, SMS and in-system) as soon as doors are opened at an unauthorized location.

This enables you to responds promptly to avoid losses and also save you the cost of having to replace missing cargo. It also improves the quality of your services to your customers.

Tachograph Remote Download


Tachograph data download without stepping out of the office

This is an innovative solution that helps companies acting in the transportation areas to download, analyze and archive the tachograph data. With this, managers can access the tachograph data without stepping out of the office.

  • Helps to obtain fines reduction for potential infringements to the established regulation;
  • Traffic management optimization through a better resource planning by helping to easily identifying drivers availability and resting periods;
  • Compliance with legislation by remote downloading and storage of tachograph official files;
  • Operational efficiency increase through the creation of optimized timesheets and resource allocation.

Alerts for infringements
Companies operating in the transportation segment are aware that the rules associated with driving and rest periods must be respected, otherwise elevated fines might increase the operational costs associated with the company activity. Tachographs register all the driving and rest times, for each vehicle and driver (through drivers ID cards), however this solution does not communicate easily with the companies solutions, meaning that, only after the vehicle return it is possible to analyze if the driver complied with the rules established. With this managers are able to always be in contact with the vehicle on the road. Information is made available through a complete and dynamic dashboard, alert for potential infringements, resting times, are the features that will facilitate management and help companies act before the infringement is committed.


  • Information on the vehicle status and digital tachograph data;
  • Compliance with regulations is facilitated through alerts and constant monitoring of the solution;
  • Reports and graphics: driving hours and resting times remote scheduling (daily, weekly, bi-weekly);
  • Visualization of the infringements committed by each driver.
  • Optimization in vehicles and drivers usage;
  • Data remote download and alerts in case of failure.

Reports Included

Tachograph Dashboard:
visualization of drivers status: driving times, resting periods, time left to drive

Activity Resume:
shows tachograph data for the current week, showing day by day, driving time, km driven and available time: driving and resting periods. Several vehicles can be analyzed simultaneously.

Driver Activity:
shows the activity each driver performed on service for a specific vehicle.

Activity Details:
shows changes registered in the tachograph accordingly with the activity selected.

Km tachograph:
shows the distance travelled by each vehicle between 2 dates.

Driver ID Card Insertion:
shows for the period defined insertions and extractions of the driver card

Mobile Workforce Management


Global Royal has a workforce management module that allows you to dispatch jobs (assignments) to your drivers on the field in an easy and effective way. It enables you to monitor these jobs in real time as they progress.
In the vehicle, drivers will receive a new job notification through their on-board Navigators (tablets). This enables the driver to analyze the job detail, accept and also indicate their start time. While they execute the task given, the fleet manager and supervisor also monitor their progress in real time.

  • Assign task and job more efficiently and monitor progress.
  • Increase productivity and also boast customer confidence.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and save business time.