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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Global Royal uses an innovative cloud-based fleet management solution, available through any PC or any internet connected device through a SaaS delivery model (Software as a Service).

Vehicle Tracking

Do you know where all your vehicles are right now? Our system is a dynamic vehicle tracking system designed to deliver the real-time location of every one of your vehicles, every minute of the day while they are driving around the country.

Security Surveillance

Global Royal Technologies offer services (Sales and Installations) in Security surveillance solutions. Access Control / Boom Gate / Turnstile, CCTV Installation and Live Video Surveillance etc. Read More

Fuel Management

Fuel theft has always been a problem many companies face, especially in times when crude prices rise. However, these days fuel theft is becoming an austerity trend.

Driver Behaviour

Our advanced technology collects information from the vehicle helping the drivers’ optimize behaviour

Route Planning & Scheduling

We provide you with key information to monitor the execution of routes and to anticipate future events, supporting your fleet management decisions.

Car Theft Prevention & Cargo Safety

Our Immobilizer allows you to block (stop engine) your vehicle in case of theft. This can be applied either through our web interface or the smartphone app.

CCTV Installation

Global Royal Technologies Security system will help you cover blind spots within your premises. Security technology systems remain a useful tool to protect lives, properties, assets and resources.


CCTV Installation & Live Video Surveillance

Global Royal Technologies Security system will help you
cover blind spots within your premises.


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