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Transport & Courier

This is an innovative solution that allows transport companies to manage their fleets ensuring key aspects for their activity.

  • Guarantee fuel saving and eliminate theft: Fuel is one of the factors that weigh the most in the operating costs of transport companies. Our intelligence fleet telematics allows you to reduce traveled kilometers through route optimization, trips and unauthorized usage control. Monitoring the driving style allows companies to know where to act in order to achieve a change in driving style and thus significant fuel saving. We have a set of peripherals that allow the identification of fuel theft situations. The fuel tank cap sensor gives real-time information on tank openings at unauthorized areas. Our Xpert and fuel level sensor allow detecting fuel thefts and provide information on the quantity stolen.

  • Guarantee customer satisfaction: This solution allows companies to exceed customer requirements and increase their capacity to meet the highest levels of competitiveness. This is possible by optimizing, analyzing and coordinating routes and itineraries, controlling the vehicle location through multiple alarms, in such a way that it improves the capacity and quality of response to customers.

  • Ensure driver, vehicle and cargo safety: This enables you to prevent and respond quickly to unusual situations, providing a set of security features that allow the fleet manager to react immediately. Among them are sensors such as: doors opening and closing, panic button, remote immobilization, safety belt.

  • Reduce maintenance costs: Control the costs of your fleet by gathering in a simple and easy way all necessary information to determine the condition of the fleet. Know what are the real kms travelled, or the next maintenance. By monitoring each driver style, you will also reduce the costs associated with vehicle maintenance and use.