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Global Royal Technologies has an innovative GPS Fleet Management solution developed for companies acting in the construction and equipment rental areas. It provides relevant information that helps an effective management of these indispensable resources.

  • Helps Productivity Increase: Companies operating in the construction segment are aware that any deviation to the established times can represent an extremely elevated cost. The trips between load and unload sites should not exceed the time scheduled. With our telematics solution it is possible to follow the jobs execution and monitor the time each vehicle spends in the construction sites. Whenever this time is exceeded, an anomaly is detected, generating alerts directly to the fleet managers that can take corrective actions.

  • Control on jobs execution: Our Construction telematics provides information on the status of each job. The solution can identify the type of journey each vehicle is performing, whether the vehicle is traveling between the load site and the plant or returning back without load. Additionally the Mixer Sensor allows managers to verify if the truck is loading, traveling or unloading.

  • Maintenance automatic control:the system analyzes the working hours of each truck or machine, scheduling preventive maintenances in advance.

  • Helps ensure the safety of your vehicles: Machines and trucks thefts are becoming more frequent. With this solution, situations such as perimeter breaches, border crossing and attempt of violation of the location unit are immediately detected, and alerts sent to the fleet manager so that he may immediately immobilize the vehicle and recover it safely.

  • Valued management information: With our construction solution the machines’ and trucks’ activity is analyzed allowing fleet managers to know in detail the effective working hours to be able to invoice clients and reward employees according to effective working hours. Retention Alarms are generated whenever a vehicles remains in a construction site for longer than the time frame established.

  • Helps to increase security and obtain costs reduction: Alarms on speed, sudden accelerations and brakes are sent to the fleet managers that can take preventive measures to eliminate these behaviors. Additionally the system allows data gathering from the truck CanBus which will allow optimization of the driver behaviour on the wheel and consequently reduce fuel consumption. With this it is also possible to reduce the costs associated with vehicles maintenance and wear-and-tear.