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Add-Ons [Peripherals]

Driver ID

Peripheral composed by a RFID Reader and an ID Card helps managers to know who is driving a vehicle at a given moment. System Reports can be generated on both driver and vehicle. Every time a driver does not identify himself in the beginning of a trip, the Driver ID peripheral issues a warning “beep” sound to alert the diver. Managers can also activate the non-identified driver alert.

Fuel Tank Cap Sensor

Connected to the fuel tank cap helps to identify openings in unauthorized locations.

Inhibits the vehicle ignition, until the BAC test, is performed. In the event of negative result the driver can initiate the journey. However, 56ignition inhibition will remains active and an immediate alert is generated when results is positive

Fuel Level Sensor
Fuel level sensor helps monitoring the fuel inside the tank. This way it is possible to detect for each trip the amount of fuel spent, identifying potential anomalous situations.

In case of theft, the vehicle can be immobilized remotely.

PTO Sensor
The PTO Sensor installation helps to register the activation and deactivation of the PTO.

Temperature Sensor
This peripheral helps the fleet manager to monitor the temperature inside the vehicles cargo containers. It’s possible to receive alarms when the values are out of the pre-established limits. An additional option is the monitoring of door openings for validation of the temperatures in the load/unload locations.

Door Opening/Closing Sensor
This sensor registers events of opening or closing the cargo compartment doors allowing alerts on unauthorized openings.

Status Button
This peripheral allows drivers to indicate their status at a point in time. Examples: Free– In Service, Occupied – Available; Loaded – Unloaded.